A severely chromed-up Dwarf

Field Value Points
Archetype: Dwarf Tank
Atrributes: Body 6
Agility 6
Reaction 5
Strength 6
Intuition 4
Logic 2
Willpower 4
Charisma 2
Edge 5
Essence 0.55
Initiative 11
Initiative Pool 1
Skills: Escape Artist +1 28/2
Limits: Physical +1
Armor: +3 Natural
Cyberware: Datajack
Commlink 6 (Transys Avalon)
Balance Tail
Balance Augmenter
Platelet Factory
Symbiotes 2
Sleep Regulator
Synaptic Booster 2
Bone Density Augmentation
Orthoskin 3
Enhanced Articulation
Muscle Augmentation 1
Muscle Toner 2
Damage Compensator 4
Specials: Ignore 4 damage boxes
+2 dice on healing checks
+2 Dice for Pathogen and Toxin Resistance
+3 bonus Dice for balance checks (Including climbing, jumping, falling and Knockdown)
Any time you would take 2 or more boxes of damage to your Physical Condition Monitor, reduce the damage by one box.
20% increased Lifestyle Cost, and $400/month symbiote food

“It’s truly suprising how being down on your luck makes you invisible.”

“Yeah Chummer, I know dwarves are likely to be overlooked because they are short. I’ve dealt with that all my life and one of my mods makes me shorter still. But, no, I meant back before.”

“I grew up down in the dock side of the sprawl where you had day old rat for dinner if you were lucky, and had face down the stray dogs to keep that. Those are the kinda people I mean. People so low that squatters won’t even acknowledge you. You are not worth their time to even think about.”

“What? Yeah, I know I dragged myself out of that lifestyle. It only cost me most of my soul. Still, I’d probably make the same decision all over again. You see, I was bigger than some of the others, but I wasn’t dumb neither. I got me two other street trash that could throw a rock or swing a stick and the next time a stray dog came for our day old rat meat we all got a share of fresh dog. After a few weeks we were huntin dog ourselves. The faces of other trash changed all the time. They got hurt, got sick, got scared… got soft. Not me. What I got was noticed. Turns out a Ganger had realized the stray dog count was dropping and wondered why. When he found me and my group chewin on a piece of raw mutt he was impressed… offered us all a shot right then. Of course, I was the only one that had the balls to jump… probably best too, the others never woulda made it. But that was the first time I realized I could be somethin other than street trash.”

“All of the other changes I’ve made, to my life and my body, all seem less important than that one. …Still, times like this make me think back to those early days of sleeping in a drainage pipe on the dock. You wouldn’t have recognized me back then. You wouldn’t have even seen me. Not as a threat, Not as a mark, Not as a person… You wouldn’t have seen me at all.”

“Heh, you think I’m gettin all sentimental. That aint it, Chum. You see, You wouldn’t have seen me, …but I would. That’s how I can tell the Ork in that side ally chewin on an old piece of soy-somethin he fished out of that dumpster aint right. He’s wearin boots that’d taste better than that. So yeah, we got a tail. I think it’s time to go sweat him out a bit.”


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